The Learning Lab

Sessions: Thursday PM & Friday AM

English session


Thieu Besselink 

Thieu is practical philosopher, action researcher, writer, and social entrepreneur, he wrote his multidisciplinary PhD with prof.Richard Sennett and Neil Walker (at theEuropean University Institute (EUI). He studied philosophy, politics and urban studies at the London School of Economics (LSE), studied at the theater academy in Florence, studied music, and took his Liberal Arts degree at the Utrecht University College..

What happens during this session?

In the first part of this session I will share insights, approaches and experiences that I gained in the past few years of experimenting with the Learning Lab. In the second we will have the opportunity to enter into dialogue in small interactive groups where we deepen out questions and themes that emerged from the first half. This lab session is useful for everyone who designs learning landscapes for the challenges of our current time, or is working to enable people’s self-directed learning and organisation. There will be two lab sessions over the course of the conference.

Over the last 5 years I have been experimenting in the Learning Lab with different kinds of learning spaces that could do three things simultaneously. First, they should motivate and support participants in creating meaningful impact. Second, they should foster better relationships across communities. And third, they should provoke deep learning and growth of the participants in their competence, understanding, and ability to learn. In this lab session I will share the insights and approach that developed from the experiences I had with university students and professionals. 

About The Learning Lab

Thieu is founder and designer of The Learning Lab. “The laboratory for me is a place of inquiry and creation in a collective effort to understand and form ourselves and the not yet sustainable world around us, to contribute to it with audacity and respect, and to grow in what makes us human – our creative capacity for meaningful action.” I believe that with the end of systemic security in our society you cannot understand the increasingly complex world unless you participate it its creation. The same is true for our individual lives.

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