Language of Spaces

Organisation Sensing Into The Now

Friday – Morning (2 h)

Max 15 participants

English session

Christiane Seuhs-Schoeller

Founder of the Centre for Integral Leadership in Vienna, Business Consultant, specialized in Post-Conventional Organization and Leadership as well as Presence and Mindfulness In Business.


What will happen during this session?

In this session you will first hear input on the Language Of Spaces. We will then move into interactive practices that will introduce you to the work of identifying spaces and tensions. You will use real tensions from your workplace. In the last part of the session there will be room for questions and answers and if time allows sharing experiences of implementation case studies.

Language of Spaces

Language Of Spaces is a concept that puts a new focus on both organisation and leadership. It builds a bridge between conventional and post-conventional ways of organizing. It enables the shift from top down hierarchies towards systems of shared purpose, distributed authority and dynamic steering.

Implementing the Language Of Spaces is a practice and it enables an organisation to be present, to sense and become aware of all tensions*) at any time and to use the energy of these tensions as impulse for learning and evolutionary development.

The core of this practice is separating the spaces of organisation and the spaces of socialisation, then identifying tensions in the different spaces and learning how the different tensions can be processed. Living this separation makes power play and micro politics obsolete and leads to a new way of highly honouring and valuing the organization and the people – separately. The result is an organisation with clarity and transparency that continually unfolds its full potential and that is completely aligned to fulfil its purpose.

*)Tension: The sensed gap between that what is and that what can be